most young girls are caught up in the menace of “Kayayei” where most of them are exploited. In the night some of them become sex slaves as they exchange sex for places to live and sleep.                                                                                                  This project ensures that these vulnerable boys and girls are rescued from this problem. This is done by way of projects like: Seamstress, Hairdressing, and Computer Training, soap making, auto mechanics, bead making, catering and bakery. Currently the sewing is on going.

The Center for Poverty Alleviation (CFA) works to give employable skills to vulnerable youth who are mostly school drop outs and young vulnerable girls.

Many dwellers in Madina particularly the Zongo community live in very dire conditions with no income. Poverty has led to many children becoming victims of child labor whilst many more drop out of school. Being a cosmopolitan area with many migrants from rural areas particularly from the North,

Key focus:

We seek to bring hope and compassion to the underprivileged in the Zongo community in Madina by way of bridging them out of poverty and do all we can to prepare them for a successful future.

Our Mission for the Center is to:

Rescue, Repair, Change and give hope to all market dwellers in Madina through our projects.

Our Aims & Objectives:

Help the poor dwellers in the Zongo community in Madina to come out of their suffering and poverty.

  1. Give skills and training to street dwellers especially girls and boys to make them independent and give them tools and capital to work after their graduation.
  2. Conduct periodic free medical care and medical outreach to enlighten inhabitants of Madina and its environs on health and safety issues particularly on child and maternal health issues
  3. Use this project to conduct civic education on issues of major national concern: Civic right issues, various freedoms in the constitutions, and various civic responsibilities.
  4. Conduct frequent educational outreach to emphasis on the need for all children in the community to be sent to school and the critical role of education in poverty alleviation.
  5. Conduct free night classes for both children and adult who have not had the benefit of formal education.
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