Every Life Counts Campaign (ELCOCAM)

The Every Life Counts Campaign (ELCOCAM) is our emergency response program. Under this provision, a dire need is identified with a beneficiary and TLF adopts the most efficient, yet fastest way of bringing help to this person.


Our first case started at one of our Feed the Hungry projects at Pantang Village. We identified Sulemana Salifu who had a growth on the right ear. TLF decided to robe him under our ELCOCAM project. Sulemana is a 12 year old boy and had to drop out of school due to his condition.


Through an earlier promo run by GTV and a later one aired by Multimedia (Joy Prime) enough funds have been raised for his treatment, recovery and education.


In March 2018, Sulemana will be admitted in for surgery. After the surgery, TLF will take care of his medication and education.

Every Life Counts Campaign (ELCOCAM)

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