amily Care Project (FCP) reaches out to vulnerable women in dire need of basic necessaries of life for the survival of themselves and their children. This also include women who are single parents surviving various abuses that has led to marriage breakdown through divorce, desertion, or separation such as domestic violence or irresponsibility on the part of their spouse. This also include vulnerable women who are in dire need as a result of death of their husbands and neglect of the extended family to care for their children. In very exceptional circumstances where real abuse and need is established vulnerable men could be considered for assistance.

The projects ultimately seeks the welfare of children who easily become victims of such broken families by way of assisting their mothers to enable her fully play her role of care, support and protection by economically empowering her.

In doing so the FCP will also inculcate in these children and the family as a whole the time tested family values which are moral and ethical principles traditionally upheld within ideal families such as the values of love, care, loyalty and industry.

Project Officers and our Social Workers spend time weekly with each of these families and share the word of God with them and encourage them whilst closely monitoring the progress of the family, their home life and seeking to understand their need and helping properly target our support and assistance to the said families.

It has been opined that high rate of divorce also accounts for single parenting. According to Divorce Statistics, the divorce rate for a first marriage is between 41% to 50% whilst the rate for a second marriage is between 60% to 67% and a third marriage is between 73% to 74%.

%. In 2004 it was reported that in Ghana, nearly 600,000 marriages contracted had collapsed. These does not include the several customary marriages and divorces that are never registered. Most of these marriages collapse as a result of some of the abuses mentioned above. 

The end product of such broken homes is the vulnerability of the children of the marriage who are often left without provisions of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education. The Family Care Project (FCP) seeks to protect the interest and welfare of those unfortunate children from these broken homes and provide them with a hope and a future.

Key focus of the feeding program:

Share God’s compassion and love with vulnerable children of broken homes by assisting their single parents with employable skills and resource them to be economically empower to play their roles as parents.



Specific Functions

1.We provide assistance to vulnerable children from vulnerable families by helping their mothers to become economically independent.

2.We give skills and training to such vulnerable single parents and share the gospel of Christ with them.

3.We provide emotional and psychological support to the family by the involvement of our Social workers who meet and Counsel the family on matters pertaining to them and also monitor the family development progress.

4.We conduct public education on the need for all Ghanaians to keep reaching out to the poor and vulnerable families around and educate the public on family values and dangers of broken home particularly to the children.

5.We advocate for the enforcement of the Child and Family Policies by the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry.

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