The Treasure of Life Foundation (Ghana) was established in Ghana because of the peculiar problems of child slavery and abuse of women who have become victims of social circumstances in respect of which they have limited control. Child marriage, child labor, teenage pregnancy and child trafficking are attributes of child slavery and are very prevalent in many communities in Ghana and other African states.

Consequently, the Treasure of Life Foundation have the following as Objectives:

  1. Build Rescue Homes (Rescue Rehab) in communities where problems of child slavery is prevalent through which we share God’s compassion and love with victims of slavery through our educational programs and gradually bridge them out of slavery.
  2. We seek and enroll children in slavery into our Rescue Homes through our well-coordinated and organized Feed the Hungry and Medical Outreach programs. We do this in communities where child slavery is common and in its ascendency.
  3. Our Rescue Home also reaches out to vulnerable children of broken homes by assisting their single parents with employable skills in our Vocational Training Center.
  4. Providing Christ-centered mentorship, counselling and educational support to enslaved children.
  5. To provide enslaved children and abused women in our Rescue Home with the knowledge of the love of God and positively influence their life choices until they become independent and successful adults.
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