Francis-XAVIER Sosu (ESQ)

The Founder is a Global Human Rights Ambassador and Activist. He grew up through incredible challenges: becoming a homeless street kid for several years. His mother was a slave girl and father an alcoholic and together with his siblings became victims of poverty until he was adopted by the Village of Hope. Today, he has risen beyond his deprived background and become an icon of hope to all street and vulnerable children.

He is the Founder and CEO of F-X Law & Associates a progressive Human Rights and Public Interest Law firm in Accra. He has been a Human Rights and Child rights advocate for over 10 years and has an awesome experiences in Leadership, Lecturing, Researching, and Entrepreneurship.

He founded Treasure of Life Foundation as a way of giving back to society. To share the love of God and the mission of Christ in a life changing way. He is also a Founding Member and President of Youth for Human Rights Africa (YoHRA).


Francis-XAVIER Sosu

Founder and President

Rev. Sr. Regina Aflah

Head of Operations

Rev. Asante

General Manager

Lebene Adinkra

Project Coordinator

Janet Ruth Mawuena Sosu

Project Officer

Caroline Gallagher

International Co-ordinator

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