The Treasure of Life Foundation seeks to rescue and rehabilitate enslaved children through education and provide them with social support and protection. We seek to restore hope to the hopeless, give home to the homeless, comfort to the afflicted, and support to the destitute and needy children. We share the love of God through rendering comprehensive social services to humanity and distressed children and abused women.

The aim of TLF USA is to raise financial and technical support to promote the ultimate goal of TLF Ghana and for all Rescue Homes of the Treasure of Life Foundation.  TLF USA is headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma and would have Volunteer Offices in Phoenix, Arizona, California, Amarillo Texas, Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville in Tennessee and in New York.

Promotional Items for fundraising

–           Homeless

–           Mission Trips

–           Individual and Church based supports

–           Fundraisers and promotional tours

Our Team
  1. Jeff Woodard – CEO
  1. Jon Hazell – Director
  1. Andy Sevordzi – Director
  2. Adigie May – Finance
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